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How do I fill-up a Student Feedback?

Submission of Student Feedback

1.       Go to JoinSME portal (

2.       Click Login button at the top right corner.

Login button at the top right corner image

3.       Click Login Via SingPass button. (If you do not have an existing SingPass account, please click Signup Via SingPass button and follow the instructions on SingPass website to sign up).

Login/Sign-up Via SingPass button image

4.       You will be redirected to SingPass website. Log in using your SingPass ID and Password.

Log in using SingPass ID and Password on SingPass website image

5.       Upon log in, you will be directed to update your personal particulars as a part of Student Application. This is to ensure that your personal information under Student Profile is accurate (note: You are NOT required to submit Student Application) To view your profile click My Profile button at the top right corner.

Update personal particulars from Student Application image

If you wish to update some information make necessary amendments and click Update button at the bottom of page.


You are NOT allowed to change your primary email address and NRIC.

6.       After you update profile information, in navigation click Dashboard item.

Dasboard navigation image

7.       Scroll down to the section Feedback on training received table, click on the Feedback hyperlink as seen in the below screenshot and complete the short feedback.

Feedback on training received table image

8.       Fill in all fields and click Submit button at the bottom of page.

Submit button at the bottom of page image

9.       Click Yes at popup notification window.

10.   You will be redirected to Dashboard and feedback item will disappear.

Redirected to Dashboard after confirmation image


If your browser settings prevent the closing of the Student Feedback page (you see a warning from the browser about this,) then you should close it manually and refresh Dashboard page.



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